We Are Limitless

The ramblings of a young woman still figuring out life and how to navigate the journey in front of her.

Of News and Sorrow

Is it just me or does November seem to be a very violent month for the world? I don’t know if it’s because I’m watching the news more often and keeping up with online news posts, but I find that the majority of news stories this month are violent, often involving death, and outright heartbreaking.

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Press Restart, Hello again.

MomosaLoves is the moniker I’ve used for years now. I’m 21 and the mother to a wonderful six month old baby boy. This is about to be the most cliche thing I’ve ever stated but it’s well deserved: my son is the center of my universe and the light of my life.

I’ve never been one to blog in all reality, I forget about my Tumblr account more often then not. But this is, at the core, an online journal of such. Where you post your opinions, your stories, your anything and everything you wish. So I’m going to, probably infrequently, post my opinions on various subjects. Probably let my fangirl flag fly on a couple of occasions as well. (Just giving fair warning in case.)

I’ll give you one truth in life that has always reminded me to view others with a grain of salt: People Lie.